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Pune, India

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profile photo of team member Perry Sutherland

Perry Sutherland

Chief Operating Officer

The internal culture here is like no other and the opportunities individual and companywide are extensive. You have the opportunity to grow and develop within your chosen skillset or you can move away from it as you learn. You have an opportunity to make a positive change to people's lives.

profile photo of team member Varsha Rajawat

Varsha Rajawat

Jr. Software Engineer

For me, the journey with Meganexus has been nothing short of amazing. The work culture here is great. The most exciting part of working here is that we not only get to learn and grow ourselves, but we also get to contribute to society.

profile photo of team member Ajinkya Ranade

Ajinkya Ranade

Tech Lead

Meganexus is truly an employee-oriented organization. It encourages employees to explore new areas and learn. The kind of exposure I received here is phenomenal. In the last 7 years, I've got multiple opportunities and my journey is full of passion and excitement. The best part is its culture, an inclusive and engaging culture, respect for everyone, learning environment, innovative thoughts, I am proud to be a part of the Meganexus family.