Case Study


Merseyside Community Training
transforms with Meganexus


Young People have moved onto a Positive Destination






Merseyside Community Training's (MCT) primary focus and mission is to create employment opportunities and business start-up support for local people facing disadvantage in the labour market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation's mission to get local people into work has resulted in the need for a technology solution that enables engagement, impact and defined outcomes for clients being supported into employment.

Merseyside Community Training is working in partnership with Meganexus to develop a platform that would enable clients to access a digital employment hub and improve their outcomes so that they are able to progress into positive employment destinations.

Since implementing APT solution in April 2021, Merseyside Community Training has enabled 84 young people to find a positive destination whether that is through employment or training (as of June 2020).


Merseyside Community Training Ltd (MCT) is based in Birkenhead and was originally established in 2016 with the primary intent to help the most disadvantaged people from the Wirral community.

MCT is a not-for-profit social enterprise that cares about Liverpool City Region and has an ambitious aim to change people's lives through employability skills. The COVID-19 national lockdown acted as a pivotal moment for MCT as they realised, they needed a robust virtual offer for their learners who were unable to access their employment hub. A fit for purpose platform for their learners/clients was required to enable engagement and they reached out to Meganexus to help.

MCT knew about Meganexus through the great work they did with the prison service and the platform that was used in terms of the Virtual Campus*.

*N. B: Virtual Campus is the current software solution accessible in all 119 prisons in England and Wales that helps offenders to rehabilitate through training and learning.

Merseyside Community Training has a vision that it was something that with some tweaking and aimed at a different customer base could be a great tool for the community and in particular for their youth employment offer.


After Having had a discussion around the HMPPS Virtual Campus offer with the board and the CEO and assessing if the offer could be tailored to community feel, they have decided to trust Meganexus and their APT solution* for their digital campus.

*N. B: APT is the name for Assess, Plan, Track. The community-based employability and skills software solution designed and developed by Meganexus.

APT is used by professionals and their service users to support service delivery for the youth community that MCT serves. APT enables the building of situation-specific needs assessments and matches assessed need to targeted content. A personalised life plan is produced and progress against the plan is tracked. The solution eliminates paper records and duplication. It can be used collaboratively with service users including self-service if appropriate. APT enables individuals to upskill and empower them to take control of their journey to employment.

MCT liked the ease of use that APT gives to users (key workers and service users) as well as the simple navigation and the ability to record interventions. They appreciate the bespoke work that has been done to make it relevant and fit for purpose.

APT allows MCT to get more personalisation for their service users with less input needed from their key workers enabling more support for service users while increasing efficiency.


From the rollout and implementation of the solution they are seeing positive results using our solution. Young people as completing e-learning and upskilling. They also benefit from employability support and are securing employment and/or training outcomes.

APT has enabled them to record interventions, managed diary of young people as well as proving a CV builder tool and employability support.

Since April 2021, 63 young people have moved onto a positive destination including 26 young people in training and 37 in employment.