Meganexus's commitment to education extends beyond technology, building solutions that foster collaboration and positive outcomes for learners and educators.
We started providing services to educational establishments and communities over 10 years ago, creating innovative software solutions to assess, support track and report on across a range of education needs.
GENAIE (GENerative AI for Education) is an AI-powered content creation tool. It can be used to create personalised learning materials and lesson content thereby enabling differentiated learning and rapid creation of high-quality material in multiple languages. GENAIE can be used to create quality, localised content across all levels of education - Schools, Colleges, Training Institutes, and Corporate Training.
CAPTR serves as a comprehensive case suite to manage cohorts of learners from assessing their needs through to reporting their progress and attainment. It allows organisations to efficiently manage user profiles, achievements, course completion status, and milestones. Content management features enable the creation, storage, and delivery of tailored learning materials.
GENAIE and CAPTR enhance the learning experience, making learning more effective, efficient, and personalised.


Our services have been supporting rehabilitation in prisons and probation for over 15 years.
We provide service-user friendly solutions to every prison in England & Wales. These include intervention management services, assessment screening, prison industries solutions and contract compliance/management for both HMG and its providers.
With over a decade of specialist justice experience and over 100,000 service users, we are the leading provider of rehabilitative software services in the UK. Our solutions are used by public, private and VCSE service providers in justice. Our justice clients include His Majesty's Prison and Probation Service, Sodexo, G4S, Serco and Interserve.


We have been engaged in helping healthcare professionals and their service users in hospitals and in the community, for over ten years.
We have developed specialist applications and tools such as learning disability screening, specialist assessments and interventions management. We are unique in providing re-integration support tools for service users leaving institutionalized settings who need extra help to take their place in their communities.
We are using our experience of operating in secure settings to provide new and innovative solutions to secure hospitals, opening new rehabilitation possibilities for therapists, patients and support workers.


We started providing services to local authorities and communities over 10 years ago, creating innovative software solutions to help the hardest to reach in London boroughs.
We have worked with Local Authorities and their providers to successfully support people with challenges including substance misuse, re-integration after prison and supporting young people not in employment or education. Our experience in the justice rehabilitation market has given us valuable insight and knowledge to help our customers.
We create solutions to support the complex interventions and support requirements that are part of the community landscape. We have solutions for both commissioners and providers including employability, interventions and contract compliance/management services.


We specialise in solutions that help the hardest to reach in communities and in prisons.
The VCSE sector forms a significant part of the provider landscape in our markets, and we have supported the sector through the provision of innovative solutions. We also understand the challenging commercial environment that VCSEs often endure with short term funding and a commitment to spend money on what counts - the provision of services.
Our case management, assessment, interventions management and community support solutions are designed for use by support workers and their service users. They are provided through an affordable commercial model that minimises spend on IT staff and equipment and that does not tie our VCSE customers into lengthy contracts.


Our contract management solutions for Central Government give commissioners and contract managers accurate, timely information to manage contracted service delivery.
We understand the requirements commercial directorates face in being accountable through monitoring, accurate reporting and ensuring value for money. Our secure platform delivers a practical, scalable and affordable solution for managing providers.
Our end-user public service delivery solutions support education, skills, healthcare, intervention management and rehabilitation delivery across central and local government, all delivered in accordance with government secure standards. Our delivery solutions have been in use for over 10 years in central government.