Revolutionising Education and Training with AI

GENAIE (Generative AI for Education) is a fully automated content generation platform for professionals. It supports keyworkers to build, within minutes, courses, lessons and resources inclusive of flexible modules and lessons, extra-curricular resources and audio assistance using generative artificial intelligence.

This accelerates course material development, supporting moderated subject matter delivery across the educational and vocational spectrum, to enable teachers to best focus on communication with and support for students.

Revolutionising education and training with AI

GENAIE can operate either independently or with the MegaNexus CAPTR platform to provide personalised education with learning pathways for each user and automated content provision configured for the needs of each individual. This content is designed according to the requirements of each individual in terms of vocational area, skills, learning abilities, job aspirations and language with all content materials available in multiple languages, especially significant for disadvantaged users with limited English.

The GENAIE platform utilises a microservices architecture and generative AI to wholly automate educational and vocational content creation; it is cloud based for scalability. This architecture deploys the application as a collection of services, providing the framework to develop, deploy, and customise services independently.

GENAIE leverages a set of different fine tuned Transformer-based natural language models. Natural language generation workflows chain together prompt engineering, large language models (LLMs) and helper agents into pipelines. These are coordinated by different agents or genies (Curriculum, Student, Teacher and Moderator) with different motivations performing different tasks. They ensure that the content produced is appropriate for a varied set of stakeholders with different needs and wants.

As a result, GENAIE supports professionals to generate curriculum resources on any subject matter, with support for multi-language content and learning levels spanning from early primary to advanced.

How Does GENAIE Work?

  • Step 1

    Simply input the course or module you need

  • Step 2

    Sit back and relax while GENAIE does its wonders

  • Step 3

    Course content is ready for presentation

GENAIE Benefits

  • Liberate your time and energy:
    Content is created in minutes producing 10 modules of lessons and content on any subject needed, ad hoc course creation knows no limits.
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  • Customised Content, Superior Outcomes:
    Course content is fully editable prior to publication ensuring GENAIE capture's your organisations language and delivery. With the choice of tailored learning levels our internal genies ensure that content, language and structure is applicable to the learner level desired ensuring a deeper understanding of subjects.
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  • Effortless Compliance and Dynamic Learning:
    GENAIE seamlessly integrates curriculum and government specifications into courses, ensuring compliance while enriching the learning experience with diverse resources whilst in keeping with regulations.
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  • Global Reach, Personalized Content:
    GENAIE transcends language barriers, translating editable course content into in excess of 100 languages, ensuring an inclusive worldwide learning approach.
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  • Interactive and Engaging:
    Our courses are enriched with interactive quizzes, flashcards, and immersive multimedia content, including video creation.
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  • Versatility for you audience:
    GENAIE is published into a variety of formats ensuring that all individuals can be reached inclusive of HTML5, PDF, MP4 and SCORM.


  • feature mumtiple language
  • accessibility
  • gamification
  • safety function
  • flashcard interactivity
  • gender specific voiceover
  • content related images
  • content updates
  • quizzes
  • Learning level

How does GENAIE Enhance Your Teaching Practices?

  • Time constraints

    Saves valuable time by providing creating and organizing lesson plans.

  • Resource management

    Collates relevant and engaging teaching resources which may otherwise be time-consuming.

  • Assessment and Evaluation

    Provides complimentary assessments, helping teachers track student performance.

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

    Allows teachers to quickly and efficiently adapt lesson plans to students needs.

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