• What is Sequation?

    The Secure Equation is the MegaNexus platform which supports positive social outcomes for excluded people in society. It operates across the Justice, Healthcare, Education and Employability sectors to support Service Users, Keyworkers and Programme Managers. To read more on what the Secure Equation platform does, click here.

  • Why Sequation?

    Sequation is shorthand for Secure Equation, a fresh approach to supporting socially excluded people. It places the emphasis on Social Outcomes and value based results for individual service-users.

    Sequation comprises a set of modules that fit together to support individual needs. In its most basic format, it consists of a CMS, Social Prescription Channel and Reporting & Analytics.

    More components can be added at any point. click hereto see how Sequation can add value for your organisation.

  • Just what is a social outcome?

    A social outcome is defined as a need or requirement for a person to lead a full and happy life.

    Basic needs include shelter and food, or access to clean water. More complex needs include companionship and a sense of community.

    The social outcomes that Sequation provides for are based on the seven pathways to success that the government considers necessary for the individual to lead a full and happy life. In many cases, more than one social outcome is required, and the Equation platform is specifically designed with interoperability at its core in order to provide those social outcomes.

    For more information on social outcomes, and what they mean for both the individual and society as a whole, click here

  • Does the new GDPR affect me?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on May 24th 2018, and will affect any organisation that deals with data on individuals. This data can take the shape of anything that makes that individual identifiable, and ranges from name and address to emails and IP addresses.
    For more information on GDPR and what this means click here.

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