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about us

Our Mission

To accelerate rehabilitation journeys through technology

MegaNexus has led rehabilitation ICT for Justice, Healthcare and Employability for over a decade. Our Sequation system provides Through-The-Gate digital services to over 120 prisons and 25% of the Probation service in England and Wales, as well as numerous NHS trusts, third-sector charities and large and small private sector companies.

Our Secure Equation platform is a SaaS rehabilitation accelerator that automatically assesses a Service User, creates a personalised plan and provides reports to case managers. Sequation supports Service Users, Keyworkers and Programme Managers by accelerating rehabilitation journeys across multiple pathways.


The core Secure Equation comprises a Social Prescription Channel for Service Users, a Case Management System (CMS) for keyworkers and a Reporting and Analytics component for Programme Managers and administrators. The system is designed for rapid implementation with minimal training and immediate benefits for rehabilitation outcomes.

The Secure Equation

  • For Service Users
  • For Keyworkers
  • For Programme Managers

The Sequation platform is designed to be device-agnostic and accessible through any device with an Internet connection. Users can access information (services, learning, actions…) via a mobile accessible interface.

There are currently over 5,000 different resources available through the URL, and more is added every week. Every resource is designed specifically to support vulnerable individuals across multiple pathways.



Rehabilitation journeys frequently involve more than one support organisation. This can require the same individual’s data to be entered into different systems, wasting significant effort for Keyworkers. Sequation is designed for Keyworkers in different organisations to work seamlessly with secure Role Based Access Control to relevant data only. For some support organisations data-entry is estimated to take up 30% of the average day for people in their team. Sequation’s interoperability Application Programming Interface (API) ensures secure sharing of relevant data to appropriate personnel and prevents data entry duplication.

Through the CMS, keyworkers can track all interactions; monitor and evaluate crisis interventions; set and evaluate goals and aspirations as well as connect remotely with Service Users through secure video.

The Secure Equation allows Programme Managers to create their own reporting structure. Sequation can generate reports on any entered data (e.g. viewing a Service-User’s progress, seeing how many open cases are active; alerting on upcoming tasks) with reports downloadable in multiple common formats or stored for future use. Sequation includes a customisable dashboard with pertinent information available on login at a glance.

For extra functionality, more components can be added to the platform with minimal fuss – click here to assemble your version of the Secure Equation and see what functionality it can offer.