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The Secure Equation is a rehabilitation accelerator on a secure SaaS platform that automatically assesses a Service User, creates a personalised plan and provides reports to Case Managers.

Social Prescription Channel

The Service User’s entry point to the Sequation platform provides thousands of resources tailored to relevant social outcomes. For example for social outcomes in Employment and Housing the channel delivers jobs, local apprenticeship schemes, vocational training and material on Housing Associations. Correspondingly for social outcomes in Family, Friends and Relationships, information on local care services and mental health support organisations are distributed.

Personalisation Engine

This allows content to be assigned according to assessment outcomes. Case Managers save considerable time and effort on consultations, paperwork and preparation as resources geared to an individual’s social outcomes are automatically recommended and tracked. All content can be auto-assigned or assigned by the Case Manager.

Remote Consultation

This provides direct communication via a secure video link between a Service User and keyworker, tutor, case manager or clinician. Videos can be stored text transcribed for auditing and monitoring purposes. Remote Consultation assists organisations covering wide geographical areas and for those where travel forms a barrier to success. For doctors and clinicians, diagnoses via video save significant costs on call-outs.


SHARD (Shared Hierarchies Across Restricted Data) contains secure APIs that link (disparate) legacy systems (e.g. across NHS, NOMS and SFA). SHARD securely transfers data in and out of data management systems, enabling increased support across multiple organisations and partners and reducing data duplication.


The Case Management System provides information to Keyworkers and Programme Managers. It allows a keyworker, tutor, clinician or supervisor to view interactions that a Service User has made and assign appropriate content and track progress on their journey.

Intervention Plan Manager

This creates a Service User’s plan (e.g. sentence plan, learner plan, intervention plan…) and suggests necessary resources for support before a crisis point (such as A&E) is reached. The Intervention Plan Manager links to resources outside of the primary organisation to ensure the best possible support at every step of the individual’s journey.

Permissions Engine

This allows partner organisations to access segments of Service User data, provided appropriate consent has been given. The data sharing mechanism utilises recent advances in decentralised transaction frameworks so that support organisations can gain early access to critical information to accelerate journeys to success.

MDM Platform

Sequation operates across multiple formats, platforms and devices allowing data and content access in order to build the widest base of user engagement.


Assessment Engine

Assessments can be undertaken at the start of a Service User’s journey – either self-assessed through the Social Prescription Channel, or assisted by a clinician or Case Manager. Assessments can be configured to suit a desired social outcome, even if that social outcome changes over time. Assessments can be completed at any stage of the journey to assess progress and track results and improvements.

Reporting & Analytics

Reports are generated on stored data and can be configured to specific organisational requirements. A customisable dashboard displays analytics on Service User journeys at a collective or individual level. Programme Managers are provided with (e.g. for trusts or commissions) live reports.

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