NEO Transforming Rehabilitation

Transforming R smallerCurrently there is a push from central government and the Ministry of Justice to reduce reoffending, particularly focussing on the highest risk offenders and those who are held within custody for less than 12 months. Almost half of those released from prison still go on to reoffend within a year and there has been little change in reconviction rates over the past decade. Further to this, reoffending costs the taxpayer £140,000 on average, hence the priority of this strategy.

To change this pattern and make improvements, a new National Probation Service is being created. The highest risk offenders will remain under the management of the public sector, the remaining 70% will be split into 21 geographically split Contract Package Areas (CPAs) and will form a bidding process to be decided in April 2014. These will comprise of Prime Contractors, Mutuals or a consortium of delivery partners.

We are well placed to work with the Prime contractors and Mutuals to provide to them a web based solution to help reduce reoffending by tracking and monitoring each cohort by providing a number of self service applications designed to enhance service delivery and drive the reduction of reoffending.

  • We work with 121 prisons in the UK delivering ETE services to their offenders
  • We deliver The Peterborough Prison pilot which has statistically reduced reoffending by 9% compared to a 15% rise nationally. The Doncaster pilot has seen a reduction of 0.5% compared to a reduction of 0.3% nationally across the same cohort
  • We are the leading software company within the Justice sector with a number of Multi Agency Delivery projects underway including MAPPA where we will manage 30% of the highest risk offenders

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