NEO Secure Video Cloud

SVC logo2NEO Secure Video Cloud resolves the challenges of capturing and saving video interviews and consultations. Through the video capture via tablet/mobile (Android and iOS) or desktop/laptop, authorised personnel have their video interviews encrypted and automatically moved to the NEO IL3 data store. The management of these video is allowed through authorised desktops/laptops and subject to role, allows users to view, tag and submit to other authorised users.

NEO Secure Video Cloud can be added to other NEO applications.

Each user of NEO is subject to the Role Based Access Controls which are configured in accordance with the data sharing agreements in place. NEO Secure Video Cloud essentially provides each case worker the ability to capture and update information, capture the support provided and record the outcomes for each individual.

This NEO application has been designed with total security in mind. The videos are encrypted at the point of capture and immediately moved to the NEO IL3 Data storage. Only those with the appropriate login (Single, Dual, Multi factor options) can view the video.

SVC chart 2

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please email or call us on 0207 843 4343