NEO RaSP Neo Referrals and Sign Posting

RaSPNEO RaSP resolves the challenge that organisations or partnerships have for efficiently signposting and referring. Where departments or providers offer multiple streams of support to their client base there is often an initial assessments to signpost their clients to appropriate services.

RaSP increases the rate of referrals to the appropriate providers by linking the needs of the client to the appropriate support delivered in the local area. This also acts as an effective moving-on solution to sustain the improvement in the circumstance of the individual.

Referrals and signposting are often difficult to manage either within or across geographical boundaries. NEO RaSP provides a secure web based service which enables community based organisations to assess and easily refer individuals with needs to the most appropriate service.

NEO RaSP is designed to match the services available locally, such as supported housing, both in capacity and type to the client who is in need of support. RaSP facilitates the sharing of the correct information to enable providers quick access, shortlist and accommodate immediate needs.

This application:

  • Quickly matches need to appropriate services with capacity
  • Generates electronic referrals to those organisations
  • Highlights waiting lists so that people can queue for the service when it becomes available
  • Keeps the service responsive by reminding organisations if someone has not received a response
  • Maximises the capacity by letting other organisations know if a referral has been accepted by another service


For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please email or call us on 0207 843 4343