NEO IOM Integrated Offender Management

IOM 2 smallerNEO IOM resolves the challenge of multi-agency partnership in the community. Now organisations working in partnership as part of an IOM, or other partnerships which support those at risk, can securely share information to underpin delivery and monitor the results of a multi-agency team. This solution supports various outcome measurements including binary, frequency and hybrid models.

Advisors across multiple agencies and partners can access a holistic view on the individual and have the ability to track interventions, record outcomes or significant changes and monitor reports on outcomes – appropriate to the Role Based Access Control settings (RBACs). IOM is already configured to manage cohorts and includes features to support risk assessment such as OGRs calculator and auto red-flags which are configured to support cohort management as appropriate.

NEO has been white-listed on some of the most secure IT infrastructures such as Probation and Prison networks.

IOMAll NEO applications can be linked and NEO SHARD enables links to other databases to support wide area data sharing agreements. NEO IOM can link with the NEO Secure Virtual Learning service available in most prisons (this is subject to agreement of Ministry of Justice, NOMS and Skills Funding Agency).

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