NEO Engage

engage small 2This NEO application provides vulnerable young people who have significant emotional or behavioural difficulties access to targeted mental health support through a secure interactive portal and support platform (for pupils, parents and staff for Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)). The portal offers the functionality for young people to engage with activities and content to assist them with the management of their behavioural issues but to also connect with teachers and support staff in a one-on-one environment. In this setting, teachers and support staff are better able to track the progress of the pupil they are working with and tailor PHSE and extracurricular support sessions to deliver personalised assistance.

In an average secondary school, approximately 150 pupils aged 11-16 will be at risk of or experiencing mental health issues that affect their emotions and behaviours to such an extent that their academic achievement and attendance and later life course may be detrimentally affected. Problems might include:


  • Anger management/violence
  • Impulse control
  • Anxieties or worries interfering with daily functioning
  • Debilitating stress reaction or low mood.

The young person’s portal has been designed to engage, inform and provide advice. The portal navigation has been designed to allow the young person to easily identify the emotion or issue they are experiencing and access the necessary content. There are a range of activities available such and interactive content such as brain exercises and quizzes for the young person. The portal has been developed so that all data entered by the young person is securely stored so both the young person and the staff they are working with can monitor patterns and trends in their behaviour over a given period of time.

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