NEO COMMIT Clinical Outcome Monitoring Management Information Technology

COMMITClinicians, Services and Stakeholders use NEO COMMIT to facilitate both information capture and immediate scoring for Adult or Children and Young Persons IAPT assesmment. Additionally, NEO COMMIT complies with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) datasets and PbR.

NEO COMMIT is the ideal solution for capturing the information as required by these programmes in the format needed for each of the programmes subsequent submission requirements. This flexible application can replace existing methods of data management or work in parallel with your existing solutions. Changes in datasets or requirements often take time to be altered for your centralised collection system; NEO COMMIT can act as an interim or longer term solution as it will work independently, in conjunction or to upgrade from your existing processing system.

NEO COMMIT delivers a range of support features to support the management of the service support and include:


  • Referral information, demographic information and case status
  • Service letters
  • Case chronology information
  • Clinical notes and Partnership material
  • CAF forms
  • Case supervision notes
  • Team meeting case discussion forms
  • Risk assessment
  • Onward referral information
  • Service and CYP IAPT outcomes measures
  • Text or email reminders for appointments
  • Alert flags for safeguarding, risk status, medication alert and overdue tasks

By providing a suite of case tools, the administrative strain of these programmes is reduced and the benefits are better realised.

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