NEO Approved Premises

Approved PremisesNEO Approved Premises is a NEO application which increases the level of engagement of residents with their resettlement from induction to moving on. Managers are freed up to be able to better monitor and case-manage individuals. NEO Approved Premises:


  • Manages the referral of residents to Approved Premises, records risk assessments, and allocates and admits residents into the hostel.
  • Allows residents to self-serve and engage in purposeful activities categorised under the 7 pathways to resettlement.
  • Publish surveys to the portal for residents to provide feedback.
  • Provide access to ETE resources, such as CV creation, Job Application, Courses and resources to increase the chances of resettling and ‘moving on’.
  • The secure web-based MIS to enable the capture and reporting on all resident activities.

NEO Approved Premises is simply designed for your client group to actively self-engage utilising access to a wide range of self service courses, learning and job application support. It includes related searchable support resources across the pathways: Housing, Education, Employment, Health, Finance, Family, and Addiction. All your clients’ interactions are captured within the management interface automatically updating an individuals’ case for your advisors to follow up and manage their progression and outcomes.

The courses and resources are selected by you and MegaNexus manage the rest. NEO Approved Premises also connects with the Learner Record Service for ULNs and updating of attainments.

NEO Approved Premises comes ready populated with CV builders – basic and advanced, Secure Relay Messaging to support distance learning and the option to pull through thousands of entry level jobs which are matched to your clients’ aspirations. Outcomes and activities undertaken by each client are viewed through a management interface.

This application is furnished with a complete MIS which also records outcomes which can easily reported upon.

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