“A major challenge for the Healthcare industry is managing collaboration across diverse services and disciplines.  Each service provider may have their own methods and formats for collecting and storing information, which makes sharing patient data with other agencies difficult. Consequently the information picture is disjointed, paper records are unavailable and there are increased data duplications and inconsistencies. Successfully implemented, many benefits and efficiencies will flow from information being recorded once – at first contact – and being shared securely across Healthcare services, provided the appropriate information management tools are in place.”

- The Power of Information, Department of Health, 2012


How we can help

MegaNexus delivers multi-faceted clinical software solutions that support patients, clinicians and programme managers.  Our secure data management platform, NEO, captures and collates patient information for sharing with other healthcare partners and provides a safeguarding permissions system in addition to customised reporting.  The NEO portal supports patients directly and notifies key issues to practitioners.  This provides a fluid and secure connection between staff members’ work-flows across the NHS and external services and crucially enables staff to spend more quality time with patients.



Healthcare is becoming more complex; 15.4 million people in England live with a long-term condition, a number which is set to increase.  The greatest demands are those arising from people with multiple, complex conditions who require multiple interventions, coordinated through multiple Healthcare agencies.


“Information used to drive integrated care across the entire Health and Care sector, both within and between organisations” is an ambition from a Department of Health strategy, focused on creating an information-led culture.

How we can help

By simplifying the management of data across healthcare services, essential for a Payment by Results approach, MegaNexus delivers a sustainable framework which supports the care of patients by professionals in multi-disciplinary teams.


The Background

The Department of Health is now progressing to a Payment by Results (PbR) method to pay for healthcare across the acute sector, striving to improve efficiency and value for money through transparency and an enhanced quality of service.  This approach demands suitable technological support to equip the multiple agencies to provide the best possible care.

A study by Price Waterhouse Coopers on the potential benefits of better use of IT found that electronic patient records could improve care, allow health professionals to spend more time with patients, and save billions.


“Only with world class information systems will the NHS deliver world class care” – Jeremy Hunt, Secretary for Health


The Solution

A system is required for participating healthcare organisations to collaborate securely on multiple projects.  Such a system should improve efficiency and value for money through enhanced service quality, assist in information capture both directly from patients and indirectly from physicians, and provide in-depth analysis for healthcare providers whilst reporting on information required for a PbR approach.

MegaNexus has demonstrably successful experience in capturing the information required by PbR in the format needed for each of the programme’s subsequent submission requirements. This flexible application can replace existing methods of data management, or work in parallel with your existing solutions. Changes in datasets or requirements often take time to be altered for centralised collection systems, but NEO can act as an interim or long term solution; working independently, in conjunction with or when upgrading from your existing processing system.

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