The challenges of finding employment in the current economic downturn have intensified, with discouraging unemployment figures and increasing competition in the labour market.  In an effort to reverse this trend, there is increased focus on employment agencies and brokerage initiatives being established in the community and it is now necessary to consider how to bring these organisations together so that they effect positive actual change.

The challenge across employment brokerage is to achieve the results needed to procure funding without compromising the service provided to hard-to-reach individuals.  However, the partners often work in isolation, consequently finding it difficult to handover and refer beneficiaries and share opportunities.  This results in poor signposting between partners for service recipients and distrust between agencies involved. Therefore, effective partnership working between local community organisations is essential to deliver the desired outcomes and help socially excluded individuals back into work.


How We Can Help

MegaNexus provides a secure web-based data partnership infrastructure that enables employment brokerage agencies, service providers and prospective employers to share sensitive data in a secure manner to efficiently deliver support to individuals looking for work or the tools required to compete in the competitive labour market.



Long-term unemployment is damaging to individuals and costly to communities, affecting mental and physical health, and holding back economic growth. In response, multiple agencies and brokers are being tasked to tackle unemployment by targeting prospects at a local level.


Local authorities are increasingly turning to community organisations, social enterprises and specialist employment and training brokers. Public funding is increasingly being pushed out from public authorities to fund these bodies directly – supporting those better placed to communicate, reach out and support those asking for help.

How we can help

While these local organisations are disproportionately exposed to the risks associated with economic changes, MegaNexus provide a secure web-based infrastructure that will support these multiple collaborations in the delivery of the employment and training services initiatives.


The Background

The Government announced plans to improve the help and training provided for people looking for work, focusing on offering pre-employment training and work placements for unemployed people and making sure that contracts with Welfare to Work providers are based more closely on the results they achieve in getting people back to work.

This is a major change in the way support is provided for people moving from welfare to work, by creating a culture of ownership that encourages employment and training brokers to treat people as individuals, providing greater freedom to tailor the right support to the individual needs of each claimant.

“Implementing an integrated data management solution provides clear evidence of value added through improving efficiency, enhancing data storage and security, improving referral efficiency and improving outreach”

Independent study by Bone Wells Urbecon


The Solution

It is essential to help break down the silos between partners, enhance trust and performance, and create a seamless service for recipients. Our solution, NEO, achieves this using a system that securely shares information and maintains communication networks with employers across other service providers. In this way, combining and streamlining efforts increases efficiency, leaves more time to deliver key front-line support, and ensures that the person at need is at the centre of the service, maximising the benefits offered by all of the multi-disciplinary organisations.

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