It is imperative to equip young people for a world in which their education makes a critical difference to their future lives, supporting individuals suffering from social injustices and reacting to an economy undergoing constant and largely unpredictable change.


How we can help

Through the delivery of a single system, MegaNexus supports multiple agencies and partners collaborating together to teach, nurture and support those people who are most in need of developing their skills, necessary for a positive future.  The MegaNexus secure web-based partnership solution for the education industry is called NEO. NEO facilitates prompt connections between organisations and other service providers such as colleges, academies or public sector organisations.  The premise of the system is that the learners and all of their relevant information is generated once and then shared securely using permission-based access.



According to a Government task force, great opportunities have been highlighted for encouraging flexibility in the provision of online pedagogy, supporting institutions in taking advantage of rapidly developing technology and rich sources of content to meet the rapidly changing student demands.


The Payment by Results (PbR) approach, an accountable and rewarding environment, provides an important financial incentive to establish and achieve effective and lasting improvements in pedagogy to improve the quality of life for many.

How we can help

MegaNexus provides a secure, web-based infrastructure that engages multiple agencies relating to and supporting the delivery of education to troubled families.


The Background

Educational organisations and training providers are increasingly acquiring their funding based on a more accountable PbR basis.  It is common for varied projects to be undertaken across a variety of contracts, where education and training programmes need to provide an effective service to their clients whilst meeting the targets required by their sponsoring bodies.

The Government wants to achieve improved outcomes for young children and their families, particularly those most vulnerable, having estimated that £9 billion is spent annually on 120,000 of the most troubled families.

With data collected by the Department for Communities and Local Government showing that £8 billion is currently spent on reacting to the troubles of these families (and just £1 billion allocated to positively changing their lives), the Government has pledged a move away from a centrally-prescribed model to introduce a greater freedom for local authorities; organising services locally in the achievement driven PbR approach, allowing agencies and trusts to provide tailor-made support and maximise benefits.



The education industry requires a system for participating organisations in different educational-based programmes (including different funding streams) to work together and co-ordinate a collaborative provision of services.  Providing an easily accessible network enables partnerships to strengthen the quality of the support they provide.  A system is required to reorganise and facilitate learning opportunities into a central space, simplifying the workflow of service providers.

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