It is crucial to enable partnerships within a community the ability to securely share data with one another and break down silos internally and externally. Better results are met with an attitude of collaboration and innovative engagements with others.


How we can help

Through the delivery of a single system, MegaNexus can support multiple agencies and partners collaborating together to  support those people who are most in need of developing their skills, necessary for a positive future.  The MegaNexus secure web-based partnership solution for the education industry is called NEO.  NEO facilitates prompt connections between organisations and other service providers.  The premise of the system is that the learners and all of their relevant information is generated once and then shared securely using permission-based access.



Long-term unemployment is damaging to individuals and costly to communities, affecting mental and physical health and holding back economic growth. In response, multiple agencies and brokers are being tasked to tackle unemployment by targeting prospects at a local level and help ex-offenders not only settle back into the community but reduce the rate of re-offending.


Local authorities are increasingly turning to community organisations, social enterprises and specialist employment and training brokers and public funding is increasingly being pushed out from public authorities to fund these bodies directly – supporting those better placed to communicate, reach out and support those asking for help. The way rehabilitation is engaged is transforming, with new opportunites for probation trusts to engage with charities and public sector organisations.

How we can help

While these local organisations are disproportionately exposed to the risks associated with economic changes, MegaNexus can provide a secure web-based infrastructure that will support these multiple collaborations across sectors.


The Background

Traditionally, organisations working toward a shared goal have been unable to communicate between one another, working jointly with an individual has been disjointed and communications aren’t being made within a partnership. A MegaNexus NEO system aims to make all this a thing of the past.


The Solution

It is essential to help break down the silos between partners, enhance trust and performance, and create a seamless service for recipients.  Our solution, NEO  achieves this by being a system that securely shares information and maintains communication networks with employers across other service providers.  In this way, combining and streamlining efforts will increase efficiency, leave more time to deliver key front-line support and ensure that the person at need is at the centre of the service, maximising the benefits offered by all of the multi-disciplinary organisations.

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