NEO NEO is a secure data sharing platform consisting of a portal, MIS and reporting system


NEONEO is a secure web-based data partnership infrastructure that enables organisations across sectors (e.g. healthcare, justice, education, employment and community) to share sensitive data securely to allow multiple providers to collaborate, supporting disadvantaged individuals.

The NEO platform securely shares sensitive information using permission based access and maintains communication networks with organisations (e.g. NHS services, employment, education and resettlement agencies, prisons and local authorities). Multi-agency partnerships (including partners with different funding streams) work together on NEO and co-ordinate a collaborative service.

NEO is designed to engage with three different user types:

  • Clients (e.g. jobseekers, learners, patients and offenders) have access to a secure web-based portal
  • Brokers, tutors, clinicians and probation officers make use of a Management Information System (MIS)
  • Programme managers or programme cluster managers utilise the reporting tool

neo wheel


Why NEO?

Rather than any one service provider working in isolation and distributing information through a series of repetitive or manual measures, a solution is to use a system that securely shares information and maintains networks across sectors.

  • NEO is fashioned around the recipient of the support
  • NEO works with the premise of the creation of a single record and the permissions based sharing of that record
  • All partners can collaborate electronically

What are the benefits?

Combining and streamlining efforts can increase efficiency, leave more time to deliver key frontline support and ensure that the person at need is at the centre of the service, enjoying the benefits of all the different organisations.

  • Front end portals for self-registration
  • MIS for case management
  • Reporting for monitoring of progress and analysis

NEO Sectors

There are NEO solutions for the following sectors: